Local Marketing

Statistics show that 1/3 of customers will do a local search on their chosen device before visiting a business. Our talented team is determined to create a we page for your which effectively demonstrates the value of local marketing.

Sharein Marketing will make sure your website will professionally and attractively provide all the important information that customers are searching for to use your services.

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Local Marketing - The Power of Connection

Our team want you to connect. Connect with your neighbours, connect with your local businesses and connect with your local community. By connecting, you will form positive relationships, have a sense of belonging and enjoy reaping the financial rewards from the impact of local marketing success.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing refers to marketing to a select audience who share an interest or like of the same type of service and/or products. It connects with people via social media, blog posts and advertising through email and is likened to a ‘soft’ approach to attract potential customers.

Inbound marketing is successful as it targets the audience who is best suited to your business’s services and products which will in turn direct more online traffic tyo your website.

Sharein Marketing confidently designs and promotes Inbound Marketing as a successful marketing tool.

Outbound Marketing

Marketing on Social Media

Marketing via social media has the potential of reaching more customers, improving their satisfaction and assists with SEO.

The social media marketing plan we will design for your business will certainly give you the best opportunity for attracting customers with this strategy.

Social media platforms provide an excellent avenue to spread key information about your business. The pure fact is that all businesses, can benefit from the power and impact social media can provide.

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Business Directories

The team at Sharein Marketing will make sure your business name will appear on relevant business directories when potential customers require the services you offer.

We know this avenue is important to your business, and will monitor and manage your listing. We want you to be seen.

The benefits of listing your business on online directories are countless and we look forward to implementing this strategy as part of your digital marketing plan.

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