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Successful Businesses are seen. The basic truth is, that to have success your business needs to be visible online. We don’t mean page 10 on Google Search, you need to be on page one, closest to the top as possible.
A basic fact is, very rarely do customers search past the first page. Online visibility is core to business success, to your success. Our team at Sharein Marketing, guarantees you will be seen.

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The testimonials from our clientele highlight that our service is dependable and the strategies we use are reliable. We want to work as partners with you. Both working together towards one goal, for you to reap results and long-term benefits.

What is SEO

SEO What Is It?

SEO involves optimising your web page’s information and content with carefully chosen phrases and keywords. The goal of SEO is to make sure your website ranks on the first page of results. In the majority of cases, we can make your website rank first.

Search Engine rankings are determined by two factors – onsite and offsite. On-site means the different aspects of website design which involves internal content links, the content displayed and the titles which are tagged.

The off-site factors for example are the backlinks from blogs, reviews for your products and the quality of service you provide, any social media profiles in which your business name appears and being listed on online directories.

How and where your business name appears on a search engine is based on mathematical algorithms that take into account your website compared to the qualities of your competitor’s websites. The algorithms work out how well a site ranks depending on what search words have been entered.

What SEO can do

What SEO Can Do For You?

SEO’s goal is to make sure your website appears on the first page as close to the top as possible. The results will lead to an increase of customers, and of course sales.

Our team will work with you, so we can provide the best strategies and services to ensure your website attracts optimal traffic. We foster an individualised approach and not a standard one size fits all service. T
he state of the art analysing software, Sharein Marketing utilise will monitor your competition and look for opportunites to make sure your business is ahead and generating a great amount of traffic achieving the results you require.

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